They are finally here! 

After months of testing, learning about plant based ingredients and natural additives, we have finally added Room & Linen Spray to our line of products. 

Our very first release includes our top selling scents: 

No.01 Lavender & Rose (available 2/5/2021)

No.02 Amber & Teakwood (available now)

No.03 Grapefruit & Fig (available now)

No.06 Wine & Love (available now)

"We are super excited to share them with you" - Sorange

About our Room & Linen Sprays:

Our Room & Linen Spray were designed to be used on your bedsheets, pillows, couches, car interior, courtines, closet, anywhere in your home, office, or any space you want to give an extra touch!

We used a mix of water, natural plant based ingredients and additives blended with our Body-safe Fine Fragrances to ensure we offer you an eco-friendly product. 

So, why the liquid looks white/milky? 

While in the developing process, we learned about many chemicals that major brands use in their products as a stabilizer, anti bacterial and additives. Many of these chemicals are recognized by the FDA as "Safe" to use in cosmetic and other products. In fact, many of the products we buy at the grocery stores have these chemicals but we don't know about them. In our case, we decided not to add these chemicals to our product because we don't feel safe to use them in our own home. 

The milky color (white) is a result of the reaction when mixing Essential Oils, Fragrances and Water and using Polysorbate 20 as an emulsifier agent, which is used to keep oils and water from separating. Other brands use alcohol and other oils, but chose to use Polysorbate 20 as is recognized to be safe Room & Linen Sprays. 

Use Recommendation: 

  • Use a couple spritzes to quickly freshen up your linens, the inside of a closet, your car interior or any space in the home.
  • Our water-based Room & Linen Spray may not be safe for leather products. We recommend testing on a small part of any textile first. 
  • We designed this Room & Line Spray with the intention to be sprayed directly on fabrics, blankets, pillows, clothing, etc. Our fragrances will last longer when sprayed onto fabrics with a thicker weave. 


 "For car freshener: take our travel-friendly bottles with you. We picked an 8 oz bottle for easy use while in your ride. Spray your seat's or carpeting and enjoy your favorite scent now while on the road"


"Pet owners: We love animals, and we know how much you care for your best friend as well. Fleming's Home fragrances and essential oils blend are petsafe and we're very proud to share that we never test on animals. Feel free to use 4-6 pumps in fabrics in the room or space you'd like to freshen up, and allow our Room & Linen Spray to do make the different. You and your pets will love it!" - Victor

We'd love to find out how are you using these Room Sprays. Feel free to share with us on Instagram by tagging us at @flemingshome and using our hashtag #flemingshome

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