Working From Home Essentials under $50

Working from home is now the new thing, new trend and new hobby, but it can also turn into our new stress hazard. Below is a short list of things that will not only make your day working from home more productive and enjoyable, but also will help you with the stress of being at home and watching your kids if any. 

1. Ikea Forsa Classic Work Lamp

This lamp is the real classic looking lamp that provides a nice office look to your work space at home, but also it complement your desk with the necessary lighting feature needed. Do not mistake this lamp for its price. It actually looks better in person and they have multiple colors available. 

Price: $27


2. Bodum Glass Teapot

Please read this before judging me for not including a coffee makers in the list. haha - per many resources online, it is tempting to go from a cup of coffee to the next cup of coffee without even noticing while working from home. So, I think is best beneficial to include a glass of fresh tea to the options and this cool Teapot makes a perfect addition for a relaxation ritual (me time) at home. 

Price: $40


3. JBL TUNE 500 Wired On-Ear Headphones (Pink)

No guys, don't be jealous; they have other colors available! - But girls, don't these headphones look cool? Just working for someone else is stressful,  now working from home can add an extra level of stress, but we can feel more relaxed by listening to our fave tunes. 

A microphone and one-button remote allow you to control music, phone calls, and your digital assistant. Summon Siri or give Google Now a go any time you'd like. The JBL TUNE 500 features a single-sided, flat cable for a tangle-free design. This cable terminates in the standard 3.5mm headphone connection.

Price: 29.95


4. No.02 Amber & Teakwood (Candle or Reed Diffuser)

Help yourself. Set the mood of your work area, your home-spa, or your little corner at home where you wish to feel more relaxed and focused. The notes of Musk, Tabacco, Amber & Sandalwood will take you for a trip while a sweet touch of white grapes provides with that little hint of energy to keep you focused on your task - The mix of these scents honor the demand of everyone. Enjoy it now in a 8oz Soy Candle or Reed Diffuser. 

Travel Candle size and Room & Linen Spray will be available on January 29th 


$20 - Soy Candle

$22 - Reed Diffuser

5. Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

This iPad stand helps simulate a full size monitor as you can place your iPad next to your laptop and use it as a second monitor. It can also be used as a home monitor to check on your kids while at home, or just watch your faves youtube/netflix vides when taking a break or while in a nonsense conference call. 

Price: $18.99


6. Adjustable Footrest

Don't forget to get yourself comfortable. Your posture can hurt your body, and it can cause you pain and tiredness. Set your foots for a pleasant position with this adjustable footrest by ErgoFoam. 

Price: $39.67

I hope you can take advantage of these items. Let me know if you are using them already. Feel free to share a review. We'd love to hear from you. 


@iAmVicFleming (Victor)

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